Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh Be Joyful

Yesterday I about had it with people. At one point, I actually told my coworker that I wanted to throw people out of the window. Oops. But I had valid reasons. I had stupid coworkers urgently emailing me saying they needed my help--only when I called to help them, they said they "weren't ready for me." Um. Not. Cool. Then I had a lady email saying she couldn't find herself on our website. I literally did a Google search, and what do I find? HER FREAKIN' ARTICLE. How people do not know how to use Google is beyond me. Then I totally forgot I was meeting an alum who found me on Twitter for coffee, and I wore jeans and a hoodie. Classy, and professional. I know. And then I was supposed to interview an artist, only I misplaced her phone number. And then I finally found it, only to have her not be at home.

But it actually all ended up okay. I interviewed the artist later. I got a free hot chocolate out of the alum. And finished all of the work I had to do.

Today I am literally the only person in the office today. And it's snowing. I had the bus all to myself this morning. Earlier I hated myself for not applying for this job I really wanted but I emailed them my resume and cover letter anyways. And I proved to myself that I can write a cover letter, which I thought was nearly impossible for me to do. And now I'm going to hunt down some last minute gift for my brother so that he has something to open on Christmas because I couldn't get my act together and spend hordes of money on framing his soccer jersey for him. Should be fantastic. At least I'm going home early today. And tomorrow I'm off, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day....Sweet.

How's your week going?


Anonymous said...

Throwing someone out of the windows at your office wouldn't hurt that much since you're at Garden Level...not such a bad diss.

Andhari said...

hectic days for you! I can't believe that woman who couldn't use google. Even my grandma could work it. Hope everything goes alright from this point forward. Have a happy christmas, my dear. :)