Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Recap

I love the mountains. Like forever.

This weekend I went on a young adults retreat in Allenspark, CO, where there was no cell phone reception, lots of hiking trails, and really cold wind. I met alot of awesome people whom I hope to keep in touch with, but most of all, I got away for the weekend.

Do you have any idea how nice it feels to get away? To literally not have to check Twitter, and Facebook, and e-mail, and return phone calls? It.was.heaven. I got away from my family, and just had time for me. Kinda of how Katie was talking about how she needs "me time."

I am officially back into the "real world," but I feel different. I feel refreshed. I feel happy. I swear I haven't laughed as hard as I did this weekend, nor as much, since college. It was awesome. Not to mention that it began to snow yesterday. And instead of freaking out about the snow and complaining about how much I hate to drive in it, I literally sat by the fire in a really comfy old chair, and stared out the window. I watched it fall on the trees, and it was so serene. It was so peaceful.

And then I drove in it without fear, and took a newly acquired friend from the retreat to the mall, where it was insane. Like, people ALL over the place. It makes me glad I don't have to buy anything from the mall. But I digress. M and I took this new found friend around the mall, so he could buy Broncos apparel. Then we dropped him off at his other newly acquired friend's house where we ended up having wine, cheese, pumpkin mousse, and pizza. And we played cards, and laughed some more. It was definitely a surreal weekend, but one I needed. One I am happy to have had, and one I hope to remember.

How was your weekend?


Andhari said...

That sounds like an amazing weekend! I need one of those getaways too :) must be nice, especially if you meet new interesting people like that :)

Wonderful said...

yeah it was a good weekend for sure