Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Recap

Let's get to it.

Friday- After making last minute plans, I left work and came home. I cooked grilled chicken and noodles for my family. I felt all domestic, and I liked it. I miss cooking. My brat of a 9-year-old brother hated my chicken, but all he needed was bbq sauce to dip it in and then he was satisfied. After cooking and actually cleaning the pans and putting them away (my mom was happy), I threw together an overnight bag, and headed over to my friend's house for a girls sleepover! Yayy! After getting there by 8, we went to Old Navy where I scored a new pair of jeans, and my friend bought some sweaters and a pair of jeans too. Then we went to the store, where we bought Christmas cookie cutters, construction paper, staples, and breakfast items.

When we got back to the house, we played the most fabulous Christmas mix cd ever (compliments of M), while cutting, stapling and making paper chains. This year we made one featuring Christmas colors--red and green--and another featuring an off white color, light blue, dark blue, and a gray. We did that for quite awhile, and did a great job. Both chains were the length of my friend's place and then some. While M and my friend hung the paper chains around the apartment, I started rolling out the sugar cookie dough, and used the different cookie cutter shapes. It was fun. By 3 a.m., we the entire apartment sufficiently smelling like cookies and paper chains abounded. Then we crashed and went to sleep.

Saturday- We woke up and made waffles with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream (with a touch of amaretto) and watched an old season of America's Top Model. Then we all parted ways. It was definitely a fun sleepover, and I feel so much more like it is the Christmas season. When I got home, I hung around the house for a bit and then grabbed Snarf's for lunch with the family. Then lounged around some more until I went out to Boulder and had dinner with friends. I tried a pomegranate margarita--it was really good, not too sour or sweet! And the food was good too, just huge portions. Needless to say I had leftovers. After dinner, I came home and watched Inkheart with my little brother until my mom kicked me out of her room. Then I snuggled with our dog and fell asleep.

Sunday- I slept in, played Wii Fit with my brother, watched a really boring episode of SNL, and then headed to Boulder to watch the CU Women's basketball game. We got free tickets. We being my family. And they actually won, and I saw an old man with a Syracuse hoodie on. It was nice. After the game, my mom and I went to Costco where we did some shopping and ended up buying a huge Christmas wreath for the front door. Then we watched The Amazing Race finale and went to bed.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

I do have one question for ya'll: Should we get a real tree or a fake tree this year? We've always had a real one but it's also alot of work to buy it and dispose of it and water it. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Fake tree! Fake tree! Fake tree!

Andhari said...

I like the smell of real trees but I don't see anything wrong with fake ones. They're pretty. Especially the white ones. If you go for the whole white christmas look :)

Wonderful said...

M- You sound pretty excited about the fake tree idea. :)

Andi- I agree, the pine scent is really nice but the clean up and work associated with it isn't. A white one would definitely be cute!