Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wait, it's Christmas?

Not to seem all Bah Humbug or anything, but am I the only one out there who isn't listening to Christmas music, decorating the tree, and sending out cards? Anyone? Anyone?

It's not like I don't appreciate Christmas, because I do. And with the heap of snow we got today, it feels like winter. That and the subfreezing temperatures, but who's complaining? And it is December now, so I guess that means we have 3 weeks or so to celebrate the season. But I'm just not feeling it. Probably because this year is a little different than last year was in that I'm living at home. I don't really have free range of the kitchen to bake (because I know my mom will just criticize me in some way or another), nor do I really want to send out Christmas cards from myself. And my ipod is dying so I haven't reloaded its music in forever. And I'm sure if we do get a tree, it will be at the last minute and then we'll be forced into decorating it. It's just not carefree. I should enjoy doing all these things, not feel like it's an obligation. So instead of forcing myself to get in the holiday spirit, I'm just gonna ride it out and wait. Maybe by December 24th I will be so full of the spirit that I'll move to the North Pole and become a full-time Santa's helper.

What about you? Are you in the Christmas spirit?


Kez said...

I feel exactly the same as you about it all! I am not feeling it yet but I hope I do soon.

Aah, how I sometimes wish I could go back to those childhood days where all of December was magical and carefree!!!

Amy B said...

I feel the same way. I'm hoping Christmas shopping and a trip down to Macy's in downtown Chicago to see the window displays will do the trick... because right now... I could care less it seems.

nicoleantoinette said...

I decorated my mom's "snowflake tree" tonight. Yes, she has a silver Christmas tree entirely dedicated to her obsession with snowflake ornaments. This is, of course, in addition to the regular tree. And the tree in the den.

After like 40 minutes I was like "ENOUGH CHRISTMAS! MY EYES! MY EYES!"

Wonderful said...

Kez- I am glad I'm not the only one out there!

Amy- I could care less too.

Nicole- haha, your mom and my mom should be friends. My mom will probably want a snowflake tree too.