Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm a walking zombie

I am so tired. Even with about 8 hours of sleep both last night and the night before, I am still tired. This weekend took it out of me. I seriously feel like a walking zombie today and yesterday. I just want a nap. Perhaps I should make some tea, as I am not a fan of coffee. (However, on a side note, I tried a sample of Starbucks Mint Mocha Frappacino, and it was yummmmmy.)

On Friday I drove up to Breckenridge for my boss's wedding BBQ, as I couldn't make her wedding on Saturday. It only took me 1.5 hours, and the weather was nice. I met her friends and family, including her mom. The food and company was nice. I stayed for about 2.5 hours and then headed home before it was dark. I got home before 9 (yay!) and M still wasn't home, so I downloaded music by Ingrid Michaelson, Matt Nathanson, Melody Garody, and Raheem DeVaughn. Once I updated my ipod, I journaled until M came home. She had a nice time out in Boulder, and I had a nice time in just having some alone time.

On Saturday, I slept in till almost 11, and then woke up and scrambled to find Beth a gift for her bachelorette party. I went to the mall, and ended up finding a cute sexy number at Dillard's. Victoria's Secret didn't have much selection as it was their semi annual sale. Once I found her gift, I went to Safeway to get a gift bag and some tissue paper. Then I went to Target to get her a card and to look for some face wash, which I didn't find. The card was cute though. Who knew they made cards for bachelorette parties? After that, I rushed home, changed, packed, and drove to King Soopers, bought some wild rice salad stuff that looked healthy, and then went home to get my mom's parking pass. Then I headed downtown to the hotel.

Now, mind you this entire time I wasn't feeling well. I just wanted to have some alone time and lay in bed. I didn't want to be rushing around, pretending to be excited for my first bachelorette party. But, somehow, after talking with the other girls, and after a few drinks, I changed my attitude. We ended up meeting some boys who were there for a bachelor party and staying in a suite above us. They were from all over--L.A., Chicago, New York, Iowa, and Nebraska. We talked with them for awhile, then kicked them out so we could get ready for the night. We changed, ate dinner, played pin the bow on the bachelor, and Beth opened her presents. She liked mine! I was so worried that she wouldn't like it, but I thought it was classy. Lemme tell ya, there's alot of really skanky or just plain ugly lingerie out there. It's amazing what people actually will wear or think looks good.

We finally made our way out to the bars downtown and went to the Rio first. I had downed half of a mojito before we left so I was in no way ready to drink an entire margarita. I opted for water and talked with the girls. We stayed at the Rio for about an hour, and then headed out to Jet. I have never been to Jet, but it always seemed like such a pretentious place. Usually the type of girls I would see going in there would would be half dressed with full on makeup. But, I have to admit, it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. There of course were creepy guys there, but what bar doesn't have creepos? We stayed there for awhile because the boys from upstairs had bottle service there, and it was just nice to stay in one place for awhile. We danced, had rounds of shots, and had a pretty good time. We ended up losing a couple of the girls--one hated Jet and decided to go home, and the other was wayyyy too wasted and needed to go home.

Once we left Jet, we walked down to Sing Sing, but by the time we got there it was already 1:30am and they had done last call. Boo. So instead, we went to Fado's Irish Pub, heard a band singing this song "I'm an asshole..." I have fond memories of that song because Rick used to sing it to Jen and I at Fageans back in Cuse. Anyways, we did a couple more shots there, and then left, as the bars in Denver close at 2am. We walked to catch the Mall Ride, but turns out it was it's last run, and it stopped even further away from where we were. We talked to a security guard, and then started walking back to the hotel when we saw one of the boys from upstairs. He was sooo wasted and lost. So we took him back to the hotel with us, and then went up to their suite where we saw the other boys and some girls. I saw the guys doing weed, and snorting coke. Yea, for realz. It was like something out of a movie. Thankfully, we left not to long after that. We didn't get to bed till 4am.

After staying up all night, we checked out of the hotel at 11am, and then I went home to return the parking pass to my mom. Ended up staying at home for awhile. I got my bike and took it to the bike store to see if I needed a new tire. Turns out I just needed air in them. I bought a bike pump too just in case because I want to start riding my bike to the bus stop instead of driving. After that, I went home, changed, and met my parents, uncle, aunt, and baby cousin at the pool. Stayed at the pool for about two hours, then had M pick me up and we headed downtown for the free jazz concert at City Park. We met up with Kristin (Cuse buddy), her roommate, and a couple boys. We had a French themed picnic with fruit, brie, baguettes, and wine. It was great fun. We got home at like 9:30, then paid some bills, and talked and then I passed out for the night.

After that crazy weekend, no wonder I still haven't fully recovered...

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