Thursday, July 24, 2008

An Update of Sorts...

Don't fret--I'm alive. I just haven't felt like blogging or haven't had the time to do so.

It's been a crazy week. But it has gone by fast. Over the weekend I was in B's wedding. It was fabulous & lots of fun. We had a sleepover the night before, and then got our hair done and drank mimosas in the morning. B looked absolutely stunning her in her dress. I was so excited and happy for her! (This pic was taken before the wedding in our "dressing room" at the church. R to L: maid of honor, Shannon, myself, and we're missing another bridesmaid, Tam, who presumably was taking the picture.) Then Sunday, I went swimming with M, and then went to jazz with the crew. I was just so tired.

Monday, I didn't do much, just worked hard. The web filter is down so I took full advantage of listening to music on Pandora, going on Facebook, and checking LJ. On Tuesday, I met up with K, Ashley, John, baby Eliana, and Jackie and her bf. We went to Parry's which is owned by two guys originally from Syracuse. They even had a wall of SU stuff, and I totally wore my orange SU NCAA finals shirt. On purpose. I know--I'm a dork. The pizza was good; I had cheese with pineapple, and then once the guy knew we were all either associated with SU or Syracuse or Upstate NY, he made us pizza fretes, aka fried dough with sugar and cinnamon. SO freakin' good. It totally reminded me of the times when the dining hall would have special dinners and make fried dough. Yummy! I will totally go back; the downside is that it's clear out South, like far, far, away. Like in Englewood apparently.

Work has been crazy because we are in the midst of shipping, and the layouts have changed and i've had to cut, and then add, and then find images, and write stuff. Yea, it's been busy, but I've actually stayed till 5:30 all week, and it's kinda rewarding. Last night I came home from work excited to make a fancy dinner--spaghetti with meat sauce, a salad, garlic bread, and wine. Yay for fancy dinners! I haven't cooked in a long long time, so it felt good. M and I definitely enjoyed our din din.

We have an ice cream party tomorrow at work, so I'm going to make brownies with my mom and S tonight. Should be fun times. I just have been craving a good brownie all week.

Matilda is doing wonderfully!! I'm so happy. She's had a few brown leaves, but I've been checking to make sure her soil is nice and moist. I decided to cut a few of the droopy flowers, but I also realized that Matilda is blooming! Yes, she has two new flowers already and about 8 very small ones that will probably bloom in the weeks to come. I'm so excited that she's doing well! I must be doing something right! Yay!

Other than that, weekend plans include M's birthday which is tomorrow! Saturday involves a festival of sorts and seeing Transformers with S. Sunday= church, another festival, family party, and jazz. Should be a fun weekend!

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