Friday, July 11, 2008


Thank God it's Friday. Seriously, I musta jinxed myself when I posted earlier this week about how time is going by soooo fast and blah blah blah. Today has been going by sooo slow, although it is 3 now. wahoo! I rode my bike to the bus stop and then to work.

I was just talking with G aka Gwen about student loans. Man, they blow. Seriously, it's like why even bother going to school if you know that you're gonna have massive amounts of debt later? Or maybe I just chose the wrong profession? Who knows, I just feel like griping about it today.

I was semi productive in that I applied for two different freelance jobs today. I've decided that I've been to lax lately about freelance stuff, and that I need to just buckle down and get to it. And maybe that'll help me keep myself motivated too. I have another freelance article for the tech site due next week, so I will make time this weekend to work on it.

Speaking of this weekend, plans include possibly going up to Loveland tomorrow for Summerfest, some festival with booze and live music; breakfast with my Grandma at 9am tomorrow in the middle of nowhere; mass on Sunday; and Jazz at City Park again. I'm excited this week's theme is Italian, and Ashley, John, and baby Eliana are coming. YAY!

Oh, I had my final fitting for my bridesmaids dress on Wednesday, and it fits! and it's soooo cute! I can't wait for the wedding now!

Hope anyone who reads this has a great weekend~

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