Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Thank God for friends. Seriously. I have noooo idea what my problem is today but I am just plain useless. I thought SD was San Diego, when anyone with half a brain knows it stands for South Dakota. Then, I kept overthinking plans for later with S. It's like not that harddddddd. Seriously. And then my mom asked me to babysit my brother who is freakin 19 this weekend. Of course this was the ONE weekend that I am BUSY, because I am in a WEDDING for my best friend Beth. On top of all that, I was asked to take over general emails at work, so I just finished going through about 6 pages worth of new emails. Add to that, my freelance article is due today, and surprise surprise, it's not finished. What's worse is that I make my own deadlines! I can't seem to get it together today.

L & M got me through today, and a co-worker brought in the best cookies ever. The best quote from today came from L when I was telling her how I could switch my mind and text S back and end up meeting up downtown. In which she replied: just say "630 is fine" and throw ur phone out the window so ur not tempted to text him again." HAHAHA. I love it. This is why I'm so lucky to have friends who put up with my whiny-ness. M even gave me some good advice and let me call her and vent to her about the whole situation. I seriously don't even know why I'm in such a weird funk today. I just want to go home, but I know my freelance article is still weighing heavily on my mind, which is what I should be doing at this exact moment instead of blogging. *sigh* Oy. But I know God is with me, and it will get done. It HAS to. End of story. Just had to write real quick, but now I'm off to write an additional 127 words and a conclusion. Hopefully the evening will be better than today has been.

One quick update: Matilda has not died, and in fact, she has a couple new flowers blooming! YAY!

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