Sunday, July 6, 2008

yay for summer

I'm soooo excited that it's summer here. I am a total festival queen. I just love getting out doing something different. This weekend was awesome and reminds me how great summertime can be. Not only was it a 3 1/2 day weekend for me, but it was filled with good company, booze, and fireworks! How can you go wrong with fireworks?? Seriously.

I got out of work early on Thursday for the holiday, went to the pool for the first time this summer, and then M and I had happy hour next to the pool until some rowdy boys kept getting us wet.

On on the 4th, I slept in and went to the pool with the family. That was fun, then went and saw fireworks, skydivers, and live music in Thornton. And then went to Sonic and got a cranberry slushie. sooooo good.

On Saturday, I slept in till my brother called at 9am and woke me up. argh. then moised around the apt for awhile, and then left to get slushies for the fam at Sonic. I know, twice in a row...but they are so damn good! Anyways, went home, then met up with Kristin aka K. Then drove us downtown to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Walked around, took some pics, and then went to the Cherry Cricket for dinner and beers. Tried EZ Street, it was good. After dinner, went back to the festival to see Opie Gone Bad, a local band. After that, we saw fireworks to the theme of the Hook soundtrack. And then on the way back to the car, K and I saw more fireworks, presumably from Glendale. Good times.

On Sunday, I slept in, finished reading my book, went to church with M and the fam, and was going to go to the pool again but it rained. Ended up at Taco Bell, then went and got guacamole for our 7 layer dip creation. M and I made said dip, and then headed downtown to meet up with S, K, and her friend Josh. Listened to this latin jazz band--was very fun and upbeat. Ended up seeing my aunt, uncle, and baby benjamin. It was good times, and we had yummy mojitos, and great company. Can't wait to hang out with everyone again.

So all in all, I had a great weekend--it was relaxing, yet busy, yet seemingly effortless. I like it! Here's to hoping that the weekends to come are this much fun!

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