Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Monday

I was up entirely wayyyy too late last night chit chatting with people, so as you can imagine, I was totally dreading work this morning. I even hit the snooze button, and never, ever, ever, do that. I drove too because I just was in slow motion this morning.

But things perked up--I caught up with my boss, who got married a couple weeks ago, and I even was willing to talk to Floozy. Ya, that's how great of a mood I was in. Then on my lunch hour, I decided to get out of the office and go to Sunflower Market to pick up some healthy veggies and fruits. While I was there, I got the cutest plant ever. You see, I've been meaning to get a plant for my desk for awhile. I figure I'll give it a try and my office is sunny so you'd think I'd have a pretty decent chance of keeping said plant alive. But I never really found one I liked. Sure, flowers are pretty, but to have a plant on your desk, it needs to be something you actually like. Especially when you spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week looking at it.

While walking around the store, I saw some flowers that were on sale for $4.99. That's a good price, but they were okay--not great. I continued shopping, and then before I was checking out, I went back again to the flower display. And as luck would have it, I bent down and saw the perfect plant for me that was hidden underneath the sale sign. It's a pink gerber daisy plant with about 5 flowers on it, and they are dark pink and simply beautiful. The plant also has some healthy looking leaves. I was so excited to get it!

When I got back to the office, I showed it my co-worker Jennifer, whom also likes gerber daisies. Personally my fav flower are tulips, but anything pink makes me happy. I will most definitely post a picture of my "beautiful" plant when I get home, as the website is blocked due to our lovely new web filter. {insert eye roll here}

I told L about the new plant, and pix messaged S, M, J, SA and others about it. It's just so me! It's great. Anyways, L has two plants, both of which she has named. So logically, she asked me if I was going to name mine. I told her how I don't really name things but for curiosity's sake, I wanted to brainstorm some names. I told her how I wanted my plant's name to start with an M. For some reason a bunch of cute M names came to mind. Here's the current list of choices:
  1. Matilda
  2. Millie
  3. Maddie
  4. Makayla
  5. Mackenzie
  6. Mel-belle
  7. Mariah
  8. Missy
At this particular moment, I'm leaning towards Matilda. But, as L pointed out, I don't have to decide quite yet. I can let it sink in, and if I wanted to, I can try out different names each day till I find one that fits. Floozy just came by and commented on it and asked where I got it. She said she's gonna get one too--as long as I don't mind. Of course I don't! Who doesn't like flowers??

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