Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Workin' on my fitness

As a lucky full-time employed person, my company has offered us a new health incentive this year. Basically, if you enroll in all four components of the program, you save money on your health insurance. And by money, I mean, I break even. But I'll take it anyways.

I had to talk with a health counselor first. Now I have to report my weight once a week, and I'm assigned to a team. Each time I lose weight, I get points. Every time I gain, I lose said points. Easy enough. And then the last part of the program is where you can choose from a list of programs. I chose to do the "steps" program, where my ultimate goal is to walk 70,000 steps a week. Obviously I don't get penalized if I don't achieve that number. The point is to just make yourself aware of your exercise habits and health. They sent me a pedometer, which I really like. So far, I've only forgotten to wear it two times. Which isn't bad when you think about it.

My fancy schmancy pedometer

The first week I did this, I was super competitive. This also was around the time of my first 5k, and definitely before I was sick. The highest I've gotten has been close to 60,000 steps, which I guess is good. I've found if I do my normal walking to and from work/car/bus station, I get around 2,000 steps. Which isn't much at all. Today I walked up to Qdoba on my lunch hour and burned some calories and definitely gained some steps.

I've made an appointment to go to the doctor's tomorrow. I really didn't want to, but maybe they'll give me some super drugs that will make me feel normal again. I keep thinking I am, but then I go for walks like today, and find myself so, so, tired. Not winded, just the kind of tired that sinks into your bones. Here's to hoping it'll all be alright.

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