Friday, February 5, 2010

Need or Want?

Something I want:

I want this because the humidifier we have at home is seriously circa 1970, and sounds like a lawn mower when I turn it on. Plus, it's an ugly white and brown color. Clearly, this humidifier is perfect for me because not only to I love Hello Kitty, but it also has a built in night light! Yes, I'm 6. But I actually am not afraid of the dark, so that's really not important. The most important thing and cutest thing ever about this, besides it having like three different settings, is that the steam comes out of her ears!!! How freakin' cute is that??? I want it. Like now.

Something I bought:

I had my eye on this when I was at Target like a month ago. And it was only like $10, but I didn't want to be an impulse buyer, so I didn't get it. And then I kept thinking about it, and wanting it, because the water bottles we have at home suck. And I have a small mouth (TWSS) and I didn't want water going all over place like they do with Naglene's so that's why this was perfect. And it was perfect because it has a hydration meter, so everytime I refill, I just move it to the next number, which is awesome, because now I don't have to keep track of how many ounces of water I've drank today. And it's awesome because it's pink. Clearly. So, I finally got this beauty last week when I walked all over Target during my lunch hour, and I've been using it everyday. It's like the best. Seriously.

What's something you want or have bought recently?


Kez said...

The last cool thing I bought was a new printer! I'd been struggling through university with bad, cheap printers that kept failing (or maybe I wore them out haha) and now I have a really cool new HP and it rocks :)

Wonderful said...

Oh, a good printer is a must! I love it when it actually prints like it's supposed to!