Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Recap

I ended up going with Plan B.

On Friday, I got to leave work early because of the impending snow storm. I went downtown to the Vault for drinks with two former highschoolers and M. Happy hour was good, complete with grilled cheese and a salad for dinner. Yeah, it was a no meat Friday for me. It might have been the drinks, or just the sheer excitement of reuniting again, but we all decided to go out later that night to the Electric Cowboy bar, which plays country and hip hop. It was interesting, but I'm glad we made it. We also managed to leave a little after midnight and before the snow actually started to stick.

Saturday I slept in till 9, and then bid adieu to my Dad, who went back to China. Apparently his suitcase was 13 pounds overweight and he had to pay $300 since it was an international flight. I know he bought several new suits and work shirts, so I bet clothes were to blame for being overweight. He enjoyed his time here but definitely had trouble adjusting to the food. I guess in China he eats alot of noodles, so when he tried to eat a burger from GoodTimes, his stomach wasn't too happy, to say the least. After he left, I just lazied around the house, went to the mall, and grabbed chinese takeout for dinner. Then I headed to the Giggling Grizzly, where I met up with K and her New Yorker friend Jenn, who's birthday was yesterday. After a drink, we headed to Fado's Irish Pub, where we celebrated Jenn's birthday at 10 since it was midnight in NY, with baby guiness shots. It was at this point I decided to meet up with Bobby, because he was out bowling with his coworkers. After getting lost, I finally found Elitch Lanes, and had a good time watching people bowl.

Sunday: I went to church, since it was Palm Sunday. And then made it to the Women's Lydia Fellowship, which is a group of ladies who meet every month for brunch. I met these people at the women's retreat I went on back in February. It was a great time, with a good turn out. I was happy that I went, and I got to see M. After brunch, I was supposed to meet up with another friend but she got into a terrible car accident the night before, so that was cancelled. Instead, I went home and took a four hour nap, ate some dinner and then talked with another old highschool friend, Jewel, whom I haven't spoken to since last year. It was great to catch up.

I would say my first week being back at home was a success, but I'm not sure if that's because I was barely home this week or if it was because I have adapted. I think only time will tell, especially because I have next to nothing happening this week.

How was your weekend?

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