Thursday, April 23, 2009


Over the weekend I was in a major funk. I think what set things off was the crappy weather (read: snow & rain & no sun) and the fact that my friend, SA (self absorbed) canceled our Vancouver trip. I was so upset all weekend because I was excited for that trip. I had already bought my airfare at a great rate, and I was ready for a weekend away. She's canceling because she "didn't realize how busy that weekend is" for her, with it being mother's day and all. I think that's a crappy excuse personally, because she was the one that initiated this whole trip. It was HER idea to schedule it that weekend. She KNEW it was mother's day weekend, but that worked for her. We planned this out months in advance, all for it to fall through.

I know I have options. I could:
  1. Cancel my airfare & get my money back.
  2. Apply said airfare to a different destination/trip. The problem is that I am not excited about going anywhere. I don't want to go to NYC because all my friends work now and I don't feel like going. I could go to DC but idk if I wanna do that either. I don't want to go to California.
  3. I could just say screw it and go to Seattle by myself. I would just do it to prove a point, but that probably wouldn't be that fun.
What should I do? At this point, I'm just ready to give up, and get my money back, even tho that still sucks. Maybe I'm not meant to travel this year--both trips I had planned--Binghamton, NY & now this one--have been canceled. *sigh*


LiLu said...

So sorry about your trip! But DC is pretty rad... just sayin'. :-)

And re: your title?? Which I love... you gotta read this post:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE traveling by myself. There's so much freedom and so little stress--it's great!

If it's not too late, just up and go to Seattle! :-)