Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

I recharged over the weekend with two books and some peace and quiet. I even slept in on Saturday till 10:30. yeahhhh. I don't really have much to report; I was boring most of the weekend and stayed inside reading or vegging out in front of the tv watching stupid reality shows (i.e. the rachel zoe project on bravo). Other than that, I saw Bobby briefly at Confluence park, where I journaled and watched people fly kites. And I had a good Easter with mi familia. That's about it.

Work has been busy all day today, so I think that bodes well for the week- especially since I have something due everyday.

As for this week, tonight I have bookclub. This month we read 1,000 White Women by Jim Fergus. It's about this lady named May Dodd and her journals. Set in the 1800s, and basically they trade 1,000 horses for 1,000 women. And the women in the program, a top secret govt program, they have to make babies with the Indians or stay for two years. It's definitely a good book, but only because her journals are so down to earth and real. She has a great sense of humor--I recommend it. For once, it's not very sad either. You know I hate reading sad books.

Anyways, besides bookclub and jazzercise, I've got spiritual direction on Wednesday, and not much else. Just another week...

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