Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh dear

Today was one of those days. I woke up at the absurd time of 7:40 a.m. due to the dog barking and my brother shouting at the top of his lungs about not going to his football game and my mom trying to bribe him with breakfast. After finally admitting defeat and getting out of bed, I went to the 9news Health Fair to get my blood work done. That was productive, and then went to breakfast with my mom at the Egg & I where I saw this girl from grade school! I didn't even recognize her, but apparently she knew me right away. Once she told me her name and how she knew me, memories came flooding back. She looks alot different now; apparently I must look the same cuz she said she knew it was me from the minute I stepped in the restaurant. Go figure.

Anyways, after breakfast I rushed home and got ready because I thought today was the day I was going to the college fair. Syracuse asked me and K to volunteer, and I thought it was today. Yea, key word there is thought. I arrived early, then walked all over campus to try and find signs saying college fair. I couldn't find anything, except a huge swim meet happening. Then it was 1, and I freaked out because I HATE being late, so I frantically called K like three times, left three different messages, still no answer. Then I got my mom to look up the email for me with the location. Well, turns out it's TOMORROW. Yeah, I'm a big idiot. At least I know where it will be now, and I won't be late tomorrow. But still, this is so me. Only I would have the wrong day. While this doesn't happen alot, it has happened in the past. Especially this one time when I was looking for jobs after graduation. I totally missed an interview. I wrote down the wrong day, and they even called to see if I had forgotten, and I admitted I had the wrong day. It was embarrassing, unprofessional, and yea, I never got that job nor another interview.

At least the rest of the day will be spent being productive-cleaning out my car and doing laundry.

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