Saturday, January 31, 2009

Going, going, gone...

Last night my family along with my uncle, aunt and cousin went out to dinner at Salt Grass Steakhouse. It was good food and good company. After dinner we went over to my uncle's as it was his birthday and we ate cake from Costco.

Today I woke up early and helped my Dad finish packing. He literally packed half a suitcase full of food--whole cashews, tons of twizzlers sealed in gallon-sized Ziplocs, and peanut m&ms. He said he wanted to share "American" food when he got over there. I just teased him and told him to ration his supplies. We did end up getting everything to fit, but one of the suitcases was overweight. Oh well. We went with him to the airport, and my uncle, aunt and cousin came along too to see him off. We took some family pictures, although my other brother is missing in them because he's still away at school.

Saying goodbye was...well, it ended up being a lil harder than I thought. It was almost surreal to just watch my Dad giving hugs goodbye to my lil brother and to my mom, etc. I hugged him goodbye and was just fine, until he started walking away to go through security. Then I just had to hug him again, and it was then that it hit me. I will really miss him. Sure, being the oldest has come with alot of responsibilities, and I've generally been known to be the strong one, always caring for everyone else. I didn't cry then, because I said to myself "who does that? and in the middle of the airport..." After that we went to the car where my brother proceeded to cry and say that it was all his fault that my dad left--which of course is completely untrue. We did try to call dad but he didn't answer. Later in the day, he did text me saying he made his flight to San Francisco. Afterwards, we met my uncle and fam downtown at Snooze for breakfast. We waited forever but it was very tasty.

I think it's interesting to see how people deal with different situations. Case in point: all my brother wanted to do was hear my dad's voice. My mom worried, so much so that she didn't eat anything she ordered at Snooze and then proceeded to keep nothing down after breakfast. And all I wanted to do was send him an e-mail. Strange, I know. But that's what I needed to do. I just e-mailed him wishing him a good trip and told him I loved him.

After breakfast we rushed home, my mom took my brother to his basketball game, and I ran an errand. Then came back, took my brother to Blockbuster to rent a Wii game, and then to a haircut. From there I finally went back to my oasis of an apt and am about to leave for my sleepover downtown at Kristen's.

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