Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Apparently I've never mentioned Milka here, so I suppose I will talk about it now. I first heard of Milka while watching Heidi Klum on Jimmy Kimmel. She had just been back to Germany and was talking about her favorite chocolate, called Milka. Well on my trip to Paris, we found Milka in Lourdes, and the airport, Charles de Gaulle. And it was fantastic. Definitely creamy, milk chocolate. I spent some of my last euros on some to bring back with me. Shortly after getting back, M found out that Cost Plus World Market carries it, so we can have our Milka fix anytime we want! All this Milka talk reminds me of the point of this post--M found out that Milka makes Advent calendars! We're so getting one next year!

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Thistledew Farm said...

I remember Milka from when I lived in England - must have been imported. I also seem to remember some as an advent calendar - does that sound right?