Thursday, January 29, 2009

We've got all our lives to...

In keeping with my very Zen like mood, I have recently had a mini epiphany of sorts. I owe it all to SA (self-absorbed), who was complaining about how they hadn't had a date in over a year. They are disappointed that they will be spending their Valentine's Day with their grandma instead of on a date. Up until New Years Eve, I hadn't kissed any boys in 4 months. I reminded them that technically we have the rest of our lives to date/to find that special someone, so it shouldn't matter that they haven't had a date in awhile. Who cares if you haven't kissed anyone or had a date in over a year. When you think of it that way--that we have all the time in the world to settle down--it makes a single gal feel alot better and less pressured to have a committed relationship. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely anti-commitment folks out there, but just because you don't have a date, or a bf, or a husband, that shouldn't mean you're self worth should plummet. SA does have a self-worth issue, but I digress. For Valentine's Day, I will just enjoy my time--maybe I'll go for a hike if the weather is nice, or cozy up in bed with a good book. What I will not do is pity myself for spending it alone; I will enjoy it.

On a side note, I do know that my mom wants me to date--she made it painfully clear last weekend when she pointed to the church bulletin announcement about the "Metro Catholic Singles Night." *rolls eyes*

Speaking of Valentines day, I did read about an interesting concept today regarding gifts. Your Secret Gift allows you send gifts anonymously. They even have different categories to choose from--support & encouragement; love & flirtation; religious & spiritual; politics; and people & pets. You can browse the appropriate category to find the right gift. And you can also choose to send the gift non-anonymously if you want to. They have cute teddy bears, inspirational books, etc.

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