Friday, January 30, 2009


M and I turned in our 60 day notice to the apartment people yesterday. We just signed a simple form and then we were done. Pretty easy. I don't know why but I feel like packing already. And that is strange, even for me. When I had to move out of my dorm in college, I never packed, my parents always had to help me pack, and usually it was all last minute, so it was basically just throwing all my crap into boxes. It was kinda stressful, I'm not gonna lie. But for some reason, I feel like doing things different this time. I feel like getting organized, and labeling boxes and having them ready to go before we move out. At this point I'm keeping my eyes peeled at work for boxes, because I'm gonna need alot of them (I have alot of crap).

On another note, I'm not too sure if the Binghamton trip is going to happen. L and I were talking about it yesterday and we haven't heard from Gwen at all. On one hand I'd love to see her before she jets off to Australia to be with her bf, but one the other hand, I wouldn't mind saving the $300+ it would cost me to fly out there. At this point I feel as tho both L and I have put in all the effort we can. It's Gwen's turn to reciprocate. My only potential frustration is that she's going to decide, say, late next month, that she does want us to come out. That will for sure be frustrating because I bet it will be even more than $300 to fly out there, not to mention the short notice. L is luckier because she lives in the same state and is just a Greyhound bus away. I, on the other hand, don't have that luxury. So, we'll see. But at this point I'm counting that trip out.

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