Friday, January 9, 2009

I have....

So there's lots to update about, but the foremost thing in my mind is this: I have hives. Unfortunately I don't have the bee-type hives to report about. I have the red-scratchy-dotty-kinda-hives.

I have never ever had them before. Thankfully, they don't itch. Or at least I'm not itching them, and mentally trying to think of good thoughts to distract me. Apparently I'm allergic to sulfur-based antibiotics. Who knew? I surely didn't. I thought I wasn't allergic to anything, but now I can say I am. At least it's nothing serious. I can still breathe, and don't have huge welts. I just feel diseased, like a leper of sorts. The doc recommended taking Benedryl till it goes away, so looks like I'll be sleeping all weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Well whether you have bee hives or allergic hives, you are the bee's knees :)