Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crazy Week

Things have been crazy busy around here. This week is flying by. Seriously.

What have I been doing to make such days fly by? Well.... remember I had said I had alot to update ya'll on? Yeah, so I work for a new company now! Get this--apparently my old company sealed a deal with my new company on Jan. 1 BUT I didn't find out a thing until last week. My magazine was traded for another publication, so in the midst of all the crazy news, I've had to meet new people, attend several meetings bout benefits, email access, etc. And I learned we're moving offices, that is the people that are moving with me. About 9 of us total. ANd we're not moving too far, thankfully. We're moving about 5 blocks away from where we are now, so we'll still be in downtown Boulder. Whew. In addition to that craziness, I've been home to see the fam most of this week, and today I finally got my Eco Pass renewed. Lots of more on the to do list to go, but at least now you know why I haven't updated until now.

I'm looking forward to tonight--relaxing with mindless tv, being comfy, and going to bed early. Sounds like a plan to me!

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