Friday, June 18, 2010

You don't eat meat? That's okay, I make lamb

This weekend is the Greek Festival. I am a big festival type person and Denver seems to have a ton of them during the summers. I believe this might be my third year going, but every year it's guaranteed to be a good time. I still have yet to actually attend Greek church, but I will someday. My plan is to meet a handsome, single, Greek boy and live happily ever after. What?

Anyways, usually my friends and I drink a shot or two of ouzo, which tastes like black licorice which I hate, but somehow the thought of having ouzo is just worth it. After all, it's the once-a-year Greek Festival, how can I say no??


 Greek beer

In addition to the ouzo, there's usually Greek beer and wine to be drunk, and the meeting of random men.

The man in the middle was actually with his wife, but they still bought us wine and dessert

What I haven't experienced thus far is actually meeting a real Greek man nor have I won the raffle for a trip for two to Greece. But...but...maybe this is my year!

And who can forget about the live entertainment aka my time to scope out the hot Greek men?  Apparently last year at the end of the night, M got onto the stage and danced. But I have no recollection of that (perhaps I might have had too much ouzo) but this year, I am determined to document this and possibly join her on stage.

 They are so flexible...and hot...and Greek...and did I mention hot?

And it never fails that there is baklava, spanakopita, and gyros to be eaten. Not to mention, in our drunken states, we always are tempted to buy one of these:
Not sure if I'd ever really wear this but it's so appealing when you've been drinking.

What are you all up to this weekend? Doing anything fun?

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