Thursday, June 10, 2010

I want cute things

While I was in New York City two weeks ago, I saw a lady who had a really cute reusable bag. I'm pretty sure it said Whole Foods on it, which wasn't ironic at all because we were literally across the street from their store in Union Square. But I remember I liked it because it had a bit of Manhattan flair to it. On the side of the bag it listed the different areas of Manhattan, including Chelsea, and Hell's Kitchen. Ever since then, I've wanted one. I can't seem to find it online, but my bff offered to send me one if she sees what I'm talking about.

Then we got to talking about cute reusable bags. She has two from Pathmark--one has a squirrel holding an acorn, and another one has a polar bear on it. Those sound cute too. So now I want to add to my reusable bag collection, which currently consists of one black bag from Sports Authority, another black bag that says Colorado Rockies on it, and one mini shopping bag with fruit on it. My mom has colorful ones at home from Vitamin Cottage, but I want some of my own that are cute.

I found this website that sells really colorful ones (read: lots of pink and floral designs) but I'm not sure if I want to spend $16 on a reusable bag. Although, their buy 3 get one 1 free promotion might be a good deal if I can round up some friends to buy some too.

Flip & Tumble's bags have simple designs but lots of color. Perpetual Kid has this simple shopper bag that won't break the bank. Outlush's bag reminds me of France for some reason and Bright and Bold's merlot bag makes me want to drink wine in a palace. I'm sure I could keep googling this, but I'd rather hear from you. You guys make my life easier. So tell me, do you guys use reusable bags? Where does your favorite one look like & where did you get it?

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