Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm a book worm

I love to read. I can read anywhere--in the car, on an airplane, in bed--you get the point. Not surprisingly, I've had a library card ever since I was in grade school. Over the years I have acquired new barcodes, but still have my original card with my second grade signature on it.

What's surprising though, is that as much as I frequent the library and check out bunches of books, I often return them late. I just forget when they are due. While I was at my old office in Boulder, I was never late returning naything because their system notifies you by e-mail three days before your items are due, which is awesome. U

Unfortunately, I'm not near that library anymore, and so I've been going to my local library, which doesn't send out any sort of courtesy reminder. *thumbs down* Therefore, as you can surmise, I've recently had to pay a lot of library fines...like...$12 worth. I know, I know, I should be more responsible. But what got me this time was the new book section. Those books you can only check out for like seven days, and when they are like 300 pages, I need more time to read them! Or at least that's my excuse.

I recently read the Bag Lady Papers, about a woman living in New York City who lost her entire life savings due to the Madoff scandal. It was a quick read, but most of all, it actually motivated me to start looking for a second job, because this lady did all sorts of different jobs, including working for a fish market, and still managed to write. Obviously I am not writing freelance now, but I could do it.

The book I literally could not stop reading yesterday but finally finished, was Laura and Lisa Ling's book. I don't normally read serious books because they tend to bother me, but prior to reading this book I had seen their interview on Oprah, so I knew a bit about the story. I just wanted the details. I personally could've done without Lisa's side of the story, but I can see why they wrote this book together. They are close sisters after all, and it ends happily with Lisa expecting a child. The only thing I never read in the book was about Laura eating rocks--I swear she told Oprah that some of the rice they fed her had rocks in it, but there was no mention of it in the book.

Last night I started reading this book, but honestly, I don't know if I'm going to read it after all. It's all so depressing and negative and who knew there's a 12-step program for weight loss? In all fairness, I didn't read the author's first book about her 188-pound weight loss, so maybe I'm missing out on something.

What are you currently reading? Any suggestions for me?


Kez said...

I ALWAYS have overdues. I have some that are sooooooo overdue it's honestly not funny. Worst thing is, since I borrowed the books, I got employed by the body that runs the local libraries. Eek! I really do need to return them. Thanks for reminding me :)
Saturday I will. Honest.

I really want to read the book by the Lings! Fascinating stuff. At the moment I've been indulging in ANYTHING Jodi Picoult. I love her take on ethical dilemmas. She's clever.

Wonderful said...

Kez- I've heard Jodi Picoult books are so serious and can be sad, so I haven't yet ventured into reading them. But I should check out the book by the Lings you suggested.