Friday, June 11, 2010

Travel Fridays: The Concrete Jungle

When I traveled to New York for my bff's wedding a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I am such an anxious traveler. Like, I immediately start stressing about what I'm going to do, and how I'm getting there, and what I need a week before the trip. But it always happens the day before the trip or the day of, I randomly take forever to pack. Literally, I have clothes and shoes strewn all around my room. And even once I get to the airport, I mentally check off my "to-do" list. And then I worry about getting through security okay. But once I'm on the plane, I'm fine and then I get excited about wherever I'm going.

Luckily this trip, I didn't have any layovers. I had a redeye flight on Jetblue, which I haven't flown with in a long time. I enjoyed the extra legroom and the low calorie snacks. I was bummed that they charge $7 now for a pillow and a blanket set, but I thought ahead and brought my own anyways. The only thing I did forget was my headphones, but since it was literally nighttime, I slept most of the flight.

My trip was short but sweet. I stayed in Brooklyn, went upstate for the wedding on Saturday, and then went into Manhattan on Sunday by myself. For some reason, it doesn't feel like New York to me unless I see Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, or the Brooklyn Bridge. While in Manhattan, I ate my favorite thai place, walked around Union Square, took the subway to Chinatown where I did a bit of shopping, walked down to Little Italy (by mistake), and then headed uptown to eat lunch at the famous Shake Shack, which had a ridiculously long line that I waited through.

All in all, it was the perfect amount of time to see old friends, enjoy summer in the city, and get away for the weekend. Are you traveling anywhere this summer? I might have to go back to the city in September for another wedding, but besides random trips around Colorado, I won't be flying anywhere else this summer.


LiLu said...

New York, hopefully... you can never go wrong with New York. ;-)

Wonderful said...

Nope, not at all!