Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rant of the Day

My coworker and i were at lunch in the conference room. I sit down, and notice she has a granola bar, yogurt and some sort of coleslaw.

We start talking and i stared at her food. and she looks down just as she's about to open her yogurt and says ya this was in the fridge or something similar and i look at her and i say "oh that's mine." CUZ IT WAS MY KEY LIME YOGURT. and she's like oh, and she tried to close it even tho she just opened it and i'm like oh no, go ahead and eat it.

it's like i don't want it now. and i go, "just do you know, all the original kinds in there are mine, including the strawberry one." and she goes, "oh i hate strawberry." and she's like i'll bring you one from home. except all of hers that she buys are light yoplait or custard kinds, both of which i hate. so i'm like oh no worries. and she's like i have this one i don't want, it's red velvet cake do you want that one too? and i'm like NO i hate red velvet cake.

so i'm annoyed. i realize it's trivial and i feel better after my walk but seriously WHO DOES THIS?

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Linda's TV said...

Ugh not cool! Who takes food from the fridge without even checking if it's theirs? WTH??