Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet my imaginary bff: Hello Kitty

Even though I maybe considered an "adult" by societal standards, I still feel like a kid sometimes. Case in point: my obsession fascination with Hello Kitty. All of my close friends know about this. In my old apartment I used my old Hello Kitty calendar for decorations in my bathroom. A former boy crush bought me this for my birthday, and I actually brought it to work for awhile. M started a trend when she got me a Hello Kitty planner for my birthday two years ago. Since then, I've been finding them on my own. In my opinion, this year's isn't as pretty as last year's was, but I still need it. It's Hello Kitty. Duh!

So I have Hello Kitty planners...no big deal, right? Well, I've had this on my wish list. And while I never saw this house when I was in China, I did see glimpses of HK and I got to go to an entire portrait studio, where you could have pictures taken with Hello Kitty dolls, on HK couches, and themed rooms. It was really intense, but I'm glad I got some Hello Kitty time in during my time there. I should visit Japan next--they have tons of HK stuff.

HK at McDonalds in China

Hello Kitty Studio

Hello Kitty greets you at the door! 

I was in heaven....

Now I have an even better excuse to further my obsession love with HK--they are coming out with a line of wines! Like alcohol! Now I can justify being an adult and acting like a kid. Apparently the wines aren't available till May 1st, according to the official website.

But not only are the wines cute and stylish, some even come with HK charms! (I'm not much of a charm person, but it's a cute touch).

Would you buy Hello Kitty wine? Or is that going too far? 

Oh, and I had to link to this site too--it's for all the HK haters out there. I even visit it sometimes because it's funny to see how ridiculous people can be.


Andhari said...

Hello Kitty wine? I wanna try :)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Wow - I had not heard about Hello Kitty wine. That just seems insane... though I have to admit, that bottle's pretty gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Would you buy Hello Kitty wine?!

Is that even a question???

And the humidifier is super duper cute too.

LiLu said...

I'd try it. Definitely. ;-)

Erin said...

Hello Kitty wine?!? I must have it.

Wonderful said...

Andi- I'm with you, I'd at least wanna try it!

Megan- The bottle would make a great decoration piece.

Taylor- hahaha, I'll count you as a "yes"

Lilu- :)

Erin- I'm glad you're a fan too!