Friday, April 9, 2010

Travel Fridays

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Today's question is:

"If you could go anywhere next month, if money and time were not obstacles, where would you go and why?"

I think with this burst of warm weather, I'd want to go somewhere with a beach. Like Fiji. Actually, I have no idea where Fiji even is. But I'd go somewhere warm, where I could get a tan and read and get massages on the beach. I would swim and maybe snorkel. So maybe the Caribbean? I've never been on a cruise, so I don't know how I would get there. But it'd be better than being in my cold office right now.

Where would you go?


Erin said...

I would go to Ireland! It's next on my list of places I want to visit.

Andhari said...

Carribean is my dream vacation too. So many beautiful islands and hidden gems :)