Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just Peachy

On Saturday, M and I made her favorite dessert--peach cobbler. This is what it looked like coming out of the oven. It was SO good! SA gave me this recipe. It's from weight watchers and has less sugar in it--so it's low fat too! Yay! I also learned a trick from M to get the skins off the peaches easier. You boil the peach in water for about 30 seconds, then put it under cold water, and vwa la! The skin will come off!

M was totally excited, and I was happy to make it for her as a belated b-day gift. I still have to get her a card and stuff, but I'll make it a priority soon.

What prompted this you might ask? Well, this week of her b-day, one of her co-workers asked her what she wanted for the birthday luncheon. Yes, her work is that cool that they have b-day luncheons. Anyways, she said she wanted peach cobbler or any kind of cake. Well, then later on that week or something, she asked me if I could be a dessert, what would I be? She obviously said she would be peach cobbler, to which her dad said it was because she's "wholesome." LOL. After thinking about it for all of like a minute, I said I would be a cupcake because I'm sweet. (insert gagging noise here). I know, that's a cheesy answer, but I really do enjoy cupcakes! I even poised the same question to S while we made brownies. He said he would be cherry pie with really good crust. Of course my mom agreed with that answer--she loves cherry pie.

Saturday night I spent time with B and friends. We grilled out and played rockband. It's such a fun game! Although I suck at guitar, it's too much coordination I think. Haha.

Sunday was good times as usual. It was our last jazz in the park weekend, which was bittersweet but still fun. S made it and he brought Max! It was exciting. Josh came with Kristen and Jake even made it, despite this 40 mile hiking trip. And John, Ashley, and Eliana came too! We made our 7 layer dip which was soooo freakin good, and had cherry limeades--the perfect summer drink. It was a great way to end the jazz in the park stint. I look forward to next summer!

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