Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Convo I had today with L.

me: do you think you could ever become a hippie?
i dunno. i wouldn't do the drugs or anything. but i like the laidback attitude. how about u?
i wouldnt' do drugs either but idk, being a hippie might be fun to experience. not dreadlocks or anything but wearing peasant-y skirts and walking in the creek, and sleeping in tents in the grass
yeah! i like the peasanty skirts part and walking barefoot. where'd u get this idea?
me: just thinking about different experiences, and how it's refreshing sometimes to just change up your life. and boulder has alot of hippies but i didn't see any today. i was just thinking of paris and how changed i felt with life when i came back and how i appreciated the little things--like my shampoo.
L: yeah..oh really? i didnt' know u guys had hippies
me: yeahhh totally boulder is filled with them
L: well for me it was nyc water. cuz costa rica water and paris water left my hair tangled
so i was just thinking, being a hippie would be a change, it would make me stop and smell the roses and just go with the flow and get outside my head
L: yeah. totally

Do you want to be a hippie?

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