Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where I've been and more mundane details

Life has completely taken over. That's a good excuse for not blogging, not commenting on other blogs, and basically just hiding in my own superficial cave, right? Right.

So I've been enjoying the last few weeks of summer. I finally made it to the annual peach festival. The past three years I've missed it. One year it was due to picking the wrong day and another year it was pouring rain and I abandoned the idea. But the peach festival was fun. Ironically enough, I didn't buy any peaches because I already had bought some with my mom from the farmers market the weekend before. But M got a really cool hat & I tried on one too. And we had delicious peach dessert pizza, peach cobbler with ice cream, and hot dogs. We also got our faces painted. It was awesome.

We also got our faces painted. It was awesome.

Then all last week I celebrated my birthday in style.
I baked fresh peach/raspberry crisp on Monday.

On Tuesday, I went out to dinner with my family and attended the Rockies game, where the guy right beside me almost caught a home run ball. It was both scary and exciting all at the same time. 
Holding my cousin at the game. The tiara is compliments of my brother's dentist office--my mom got me that for my birthday complete with a star wand. 

On Wednesday night, I went out for Italian food with some of my bffs. We totally had a great girls night out, complete with wine and dessert. Oh, and funny story, before dinner I totally locked my keys in my car. Deja vu, anyone?

 The girls

Thursday and Friday were down time to run errands and basically catch up with life, and then Saturday was the main event: my birthday picnic. Sadly, I don't have any pictures from that day, but imagine 8 people sitting under trees on picnic blankets with a smorgishboard of food. We're talkin' cherry cheesecake for dessert, brownies, sweet tea vodka, beer, crossiant BLTA sandwiches, watermelon, chips...and the list could go on. It was a great time (albeit a bit stressful) but totally worth it. It was a great way to celebrate, that's for sure. 

So now that you know what I've been up to, what's new with all of you?

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