Monday, September 13, 2010

This isn't high school, but it still feels like it

Seriously, do you ever wonder why certain things happen?

You're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about. Well, in the past 48 hours I've run into two people I went to high school with. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. You see, I actively avoid talking with anyone I went to high school with except my close inner circle. I just feel like I've changed a lot since then, and according to most of their facebook profiles, they certainly haven't.

Incident #1 happened on Saturday night (or shall I say morning?) when I was at a country bar. Obviously I don't normally hang out at country bars, especially not dressed up in jeans and plaid shirts with my hair in pigtails. I was there because of a bachelorette party for a mutual friend.

At this point, the bachelorette was sufficiently drunk and was wandering off trying to get guys to sign her t-shirt. I was put in charge of keeping track of her. So I'm holding a huge blow up penis and watching her talk with some guys when I notice a guy staring at me out of the corner of my eye. At first glance, I think to myself "I have no idea who that is," and then approximately 30 seconds later, I do a double take and realize it's this guy Anthony who used to be super popular and played on the football team.

Anthony was always nice to me, but we never really had any classes together. I was usually in the honors or AP classes, and he wasn't. Anyways, at this point since we both know we've seen each other, I could not really walk away. So blow up penis in hand, I walked right up to him and said hi.

We ended up talking about what we've been up to since high school. Apparently he lost his sports scholarship his sophomore year of college in Wyoming and moved back here. Eight years later, he's got a degree in civil engineering and a full-time job. So here I am thinking, wow, at least he did something with himself, when he says "yea, other than working, I like to get in trouble with the ladies. It makes life interesting." Yea, obviously not the smartest cookie in the bunch.

After I told him what I've been up to--graduating from college & staying out of trouble--we parted ways with a hug. And then I maturely went over to my bff and told her EVERYTHING.

That was on Saturday. Fast forward to today when incident #2 occurred. I'm holding a container of artichoke and garlic hummus, a bag of carrots, a cup of applesauce, and a spoon, when I see a lady waiting by the elevators. I'm walking towards the entrance of our office, when all of a sudden that lady looks over right at me. And again, I did a double take.

Turns out it's one of the few girls I used to hang out with in high school. We were never bffs, but she was tolerable. We played volleyball together and were in a lot of the same classes. We stayed in touch after high school, but parted ways during my senior year of college. She came out to visit me and was a tool the entire time. Literally complaining about bringing the wrong shoes to complaining about walking everywhere to complaining about drinking to complaining about doing too little to complaining about doing too much. COMPLAIN. COMPLAIN. COMPLAIN.

After I sent her to the airport in a cab, I exhaled a sigh of relief and pretty much decided to not keep in touch with her anymore. In high school she was always negative too, but I think at that time I was naive enough to think that she just needed a friend and that if I was positive enough, it would rub off on her. That obviously didn't work.

Since then, we've friended each other on facebook. I have her on my limited profile list that I reserve for anyone that I don't want knowing about what I do. But obviously I'm in a bit of a pickle now, considering she freakin' works in the office RIGHT ACROSS THE HALL FROM MINE. She of course was like, "OMG we have to catch up!!" And I'm thinking to myself....oh great.

Have you ever had this happen to you? I don't wanna know if the universe is about to throw a third person from high school my way. Seriously. Don't. Want. To. Know.


Kez said...

High school honestly feels like it was a lifetime ago. There is this girl who I have been wishing i could just naturally drift apart from but she has invited me to her damn wedding (which will cost bajillions to attend) on a date that the hubby and I would like to celebrate our anniversary...

She's always bossy, moody, competitive and makes you feel small with very little effort. I know she values me because I was so good to her when she was the new girl in town (we were 15) but I just wish she'd fade away...

Anonymous said...

I hate running into people from high school!! One of the girls I graduated with was a local news anchor for a few years and now she's at the company I work for, so I have to see her every day . . .