Monday, August 24, 2009

Pre-Birthday Weekend Recap

Friday- I had a rough day. So I fully intended to get a drink, or two. I went to the Rockies game with Just a Girl, where we mixed Mike's Hard Lemonade with Firefly's Sweet Tea Vodka. Needless to say, after the game we apparently went out to three bars, where she hit on cops, I threw up, and we almost got kicked out of the bar. She did get my a cab home, which I have never done, but I made it home.

A view of Coors Field

This stuff is so good, it's dangerous.

Saturday- I felt like death warmed over. Seriously. Never drinking again. Was definitely hungover. My mom woke me up at 7 to make me go for a walk. "You need exercise, it'll make you feel better." Liar! I did make it through the walk, even if I was walking like an old woman. After that I was tricked into going to pick up my brother, where my mom proceeded to tell his friend's parents that I was hungover. Thanks mom! When we got to my brother's football tryouts I literally face planted in the grass and felt like gravity was sucking me into the earth. I laid there, threw up some water, and passed out again. After that I came home and showered, because I reeked of alcohol. While I was showering, my mom took my cell phone, because apparently hers was dead. Okay. Well, turns out some (boy)friends called and she freakin' answered my phone! And, guess what she did? She proceeeded to tell them all that I has HUNGOVER and had to take a cab home and that I'd been puking all day. Score. I'm never letting my mom use my phone again.

After laying around and finally being able to digest 1 tortilla chip successfully, I got ready for my birthday dinner with friends. We had originally planned on going to Tuk Tuk Thai, but the one downtown is apparently more of a fast food type place instead of the legit restaurant type scene that I had been to. So thankfully we found a hibachi and sushi place two doors down. We went there, talked, did not drink, and had the most wonderful cupcakes ever from Yum Yums! I was just really happy to have my friends there to celebrate with. It meant more to me than having a huge bash and inviting random people, that's for sure.

Happy Birthday to me!

My new 'do with Kristen at dinner

I heart cupcakes! Onomomomom....

Sunday- I owed my mom for coming up to Boulder and waiting with me till the Pop-A-Lock guy showed up to unlock my car, so in return I spent all day yesterday running around like a crazy woman and feeling like a soccer mom. Basically we went all the way up to Ft. Collins, which is an hours drive away, to see give my brother some stuff from Costco and to get back my Dad's truck, which he had been using. Once we did that, we took him to Sunflower market and taught him how to pick out vegetables. And I totally flirted with the produce man, who was so freakin hot. And probably like 20. My bad. After that I raced back to Denver, picked up my lil brother from my uncle's house, ran to Target and bought a Hannah Montana doll and a Hello Kitty card, wrapped the gift in the car, and then dropped him off at the birthday party. Then I ran back home, unloaded groceries we bought at Sunflower, put on some more perfume, and then went back to the party with my mom. I got to witness the chaos of kids hitting a pinata and grabbing the candy, and then ate dinner and cake. I was so exhausted last night but I couldn't sleep at all.

....but today's a great day because it's my birthday!!! Yay for being 25!! I'm going to the Rockies game again tonight with my family and no, I'm not sneaking in booze.

How did/will you celebrate your birthday this year?


mylittlebecky said...

happy birthday! mmm, cupcakes are the balls!

Taylor said...

Happy birthday!!! Hangovers suck, but cupcakes are delicious! At least you could eat them without throwing up :)

Andhari said...

Happy birthday! I think a birthday is always fun celebrated with cupcakes, close friends and booze :P

Wonderful said...

becky- dude, you have no idea. I'm craving cupcakes right now.

Taylor- Thanks! I agree, it's worth keeping the cupcakes down.

Andi- Thanks! I totally agree with you!

Anonymous said...

Birthday, birthday, birthday!

Happy lateish one!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I've heard that about the ice tea stuff: so good that it's dangerous. Fortunately for me, I hate tea, so...

Wonderful said...

JPP- Thank you!

mjenks- Yes, be very, very fortunate that you hate tea.