Friday, August 21, 2009


Thank God it's Friday. Work today has been crazy, since we're on deadline and my boss is out traveling. I had my phone interview today & I think it went pretty well. I made it through to round 2, so that's something. Oh, but of course after I hung up, I locked my keys in my car. FML.

But besides that, I got my hair done today, and I didn't go'll just have to see pictures when I post them.

This weekend I am going out to dinner with friends tomorrow to a Thai restaurant to celebrate my birthday, and I'm going to sleep in. That's all the plans I have.

What are your weekend plans?


Andhari said...

Reading this makes me crave thai food, hmm maybe pad thai or one of those basil chicken.

I wanna see you with the new hair, pictures please :)

Wonderful said...

Thai food is so good. Yes, I'll post pictures, I promise!!