Wednesday, August 12, 2009

China Stories

Life is a little better today. At least it's Wednesday and not Tuesday. Ahem, anyways, since I haven't told you any stories about China, I thought today would be a good day to start. I'm going to chronicle my trip by city. I figure that's the easiest way to tell my stories.

The places I visited while I was there were: Dalian, Shanghai, Xi'An, and Beijing. I totally felt like a jetsetter while I was there because we were always moving and doing things and before you knew it, I was off to another city. Oh, and it was interesting to know that while you can take the train to different cities, it's actually cheaper to fly. We flew everywhere, and I didn't mind a bit. Although, that reminds me now that I still need to see if I can get those miles credited to my frequent flyer account.

Dalian is a beautiful city. It's full of young people, and it's by the coast of China, so they have really fresh seafood and beaches. The average age there is 30 and younger, and it's definitely up and coming. My dad's based there for a year. His assignment should be done in December.

At the beach

While we were in Dalian, we tried many different foods, including this fish, and a hot pot restaurant, where the table turns into a pot and one side of the pot is spicy and the other is mild. And you basically drop in the raw food and watch it cook and then use your chopsticks to fish it out and eat it. It was fun.

This was some fish and the sauce tasted like sweet & sour.

Hot Pot time!

Stay tuned for more stories.... I still have tons to share!

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Andhari said...

Ohhhh the town sounds lovely, I've never been to the seaside of china.:)
I love hot pots as well, we have a bunch of restaurants like this in the city and cooking all the delicious meats and seafoods together is an awesome eating experience.