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No Doubt "Rock Steady" in RexallJuly 16, 2009.

No Doubt held a concert down in Rexall Place, Edmonton as a part of their Summer Tour of 2009. As a concert junkie, I was determined to go. I took an interesting route, went with someone - a total stranger that was the fanclub member - she contacted me over an ad that I put, but she only had 1 ticket. I spoke to her on the phone, convinced she was a nice person to go with.. and that was set.The concert started at 7:30 with Bedouin Soundclash. I had no idea who they were at first but for sure they have great music. Somewhat alternative with a touch of reggae, soul and ska. Jay Malinowski, the vocalist, has a very crisp and sexy voice.. probably the sexiest voice of the night, I must say. Not to mention he's very cute as well. My favorite song from that night is "When the Night Feels My Song" and I'd recommend it to everyone.Done with Bedouin Soundclash, the crew redecorated the stage for the next opening act.. Paramore. I think it's weird though, if the Bedouin Soundclash has opened the concert, Paramore shouldn't be called an opening act anymore..

The band started with Misery Business, one of my favorite tunes. Hayley Williams was so lively. Her voice is undoubtly beautiful and strong. That morning though, she tweeted that she really need a shower and she can't do it until she get to the hotel that night.. or the next day. Errr.. so I guess she hasn't taken shower for few days by the time she was performing. Eeuuuw Hayley!!I would say Hayley Williams stole the performance. Listening to Paramore is like listening to Avril Lavigne.. only better and not over the top. Maybe because there are guys in it. But still, the guys seemed to be camouflaged by Hayley Williams. She was all over the place. Maybe in several years they will be like No Doubt, with Hayley having a solo career but still in the band, and the rest are getting more noticed.I learned most of the songs few days before the show so I could sing along. The list can be found here, including the list of No Doubt songs. But the one the Edmontonians were waiting for was the one that made Paramore famous: Decode, original soundtrack of Twilight. They saved the best for last of course, accompanied by deafening screams from the audience.No Doubt came next with an awesome intro. They hung up a huge white curtain on the stage, showing the shadows of No Doubt band members. The curtain dropped and the music played. Spiderwebs opened the big concert.I really like the way No Doubt presented themselves. The stage was pure white and glossy, and each of them wore white except for Adrian Young who was mostly topless. A gigantic screen is put as a backdrop, showing graphics and pictures made specifically for every song. I really liked it when they played "Running". It's a great ballad and the screen showed their old days. Very sweet.

I can't put in words how I'm so jealous of Gwen Stefani. Her beauty, her voice, her life and her body, especially her abs. God knows what she's been eating and how she's been resting with a husband and two kids, and still super fit, jumping up and down on the stage every night, living in a bus..Two fans went up on the stage. One man had a shirt on that says "Pull me up on stage", which I thought was very clever. Gwen let her up and hugged her. Again.. jealous! The next man reminded me of Hiro Nakamura from the Heroes tv series. He had messenger bag on, blouse and bermuda shorts, and a poster that says: "I challenge GWEN for a push up competition". Video of that can be found here.Gwen changed twice. From the white tank she changed to a checkered romper. Then, she changed to a flashing black polo shirt with acid wash jeans. Fashion forward, aren't we? I really like her fancy romper. Something out of her L.A.M.B. collections, maybe?

A little disappointment, I was expecting Hayley Williams to join No Doubt on stage for "Stand and Deliver". "Stand and Deliver" was an interesting performance though.. I love the intro. Adrian Young was standing with his percussion, wearing only a thong and a tutu. Boy, how I love this interesting creature.

"Sunday Morning" was sung last. Unfortunately the show was interrupted by the appearance of Gavin Rossdale on the left side of where I was sitting. I was busy taking picture of him with my cellphone. All pictures are courtesy of No Doubt.

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Andhari said...

Gwen is one super talented heroine, I mean aside of a cool body and obvious music talent, HER CLOTHES. I mean, I always love LAMB booties!:)