Friday, July 24, 2009

A short list that got long

5 things I liked about today:

1) I got birthday cake at work (yes, my company is that sweet/corny/unusual) - one of them was a homemade vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and sliced strawberries on it! And this was made by a guy!

2) I got lunch with coworkers and I got to COMPLAIN about our head of accounting. The hilarious thing was that the accounting girls actually complained about her - more than I've ever heard them complain before, but then just like in "The Devil Wears Prada" they would all the sudden get this look on their faces like they were paranoid that word would get back to this woman and they'd start backtracking and saying what they liked about her and that they respected her sooo much. I got a really big kick out of it.

3) My co-worker George making me feel better about not having life figured out yet, despite the fact that I am hitting the milestone b-day, the big 2-5. My golden birthday. He told me he felt pretty down on his 25th birthday. He had just gotten into the oil industry after having left law school after 1 year. He was wondering what the heck he was going to do next 'cause he didn't have a plan 'B'. But see, I respect the life he's lead and he's a genuinely-at-peace-with-life person, so maybe there's hope for me.

4) Starting to figure out my own plan 'B'...maybe?? I dunno, its really more like plan 'H'. In my whole life, in about this order, I've wanted to be a pediatrican, a storm chaser (I loved the movie Twister), an astronaut (I loved Apollo 13), a doctor, an eye surgeon, a theologian, a counselor, a "do-gooder" volunteer in a sort of U.S. based/church run "peace corps" type thing, a counselor, and for a couple months this year: a massage therapist. Wanna know where I actually work right now: an oil company. BUT now I've got the reeaaal about i go become a nurse...or a nurse practicioner? Clearly I have a passion for medicine. But will I be able to hack it? How long will this career goal stick around? I do not know....
5) Nice weather. Its sooo hot here. I love it!

Oh and I got a futon for cheap this week. I've wanted a futon for awhile. Yay me.

Now I just need to stop being bitchy and hormonal and try to go out with friends for my b-day this weekend and I'll have all I need.


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Andhari said...

Happy birthday again! I hope you have a great birthday weekend, your office friends sound really nice and you must be very likeable there if they make you a cake and stuff :)