Thursday, July 23, 2009


*****Hey ya'll, this is guest post #1 by my NYC favorite Linda...HOLLA!*******

Courtney asked me to guest-blog while she was away in China, and I was happy to help. I currently blog for, and I used to have a Xanga. Anywhosers.

It’s absolutely fitting that my first post here be about how Courtney and I met. We were in a few classes together in college freshman year, but I don’t think I really got to know her until sophomore year. We were brought together by mutual friends, Nikki and Gwen. Back in college, I had a different rotating group of four friends each year. Someone always rotated in or out. Courtney was in that rotation for my last two years in college, along w/ Sarah and Gwen.

I don’t remember how we started hanging out. I think we started chatting on IM, and we’d run into each other at the dining hall or something. We always brought our own Tupperware for takeout.

Courtney and I have an inside joke. It came about when we were hanging out in my room senior year. We were on my computer talking to this guy Rob she knew who lived in my building. Courtney had talked about him before so I wanted to see what he looked like (besides just on Facebook). So I made Courtney ask him if we could visit, and he said sure, he just needed a minute. Before Courtney could stop me, I took the laptop and IMmed him, “Are you getting dressed?” We started laughing at picturing him naked. When we went downstairs, we couldn’t knock on his door right away, because we were laughing too hard. Ever since, we have called him Nekkid Rob.

I have a picture on my desk that I look at every once in a while. It’s me, Sarah, Gwen and Court. We are in the Lawrinson lounge on Super Bowl Sunday. Sarah is holding an Eagles pennant and Gwen, who is obsessed w/ the team as well, was wearing an Eagles T-shirt and hat. I am carrying the Donovan McNabb bobblehead doll Gwen loaned me. That was a really fun night of watching the Super Bowl together. I think of them every year during the big game.

On my last night in college, I celebrated with my old roommate Stephanie and Courtney. The three of us met up for Chinese food and Insomnia Cookies, where Steph worked. Those cookies were right out of the oven and warm and delicious. Afterwards, me and Court went back to my room and looked around. Almost everything was packed. It was sad to see how empty it was. Court and I were both wearing Syracuse sweatshirts, and we took a couple of pictures for old times’ sake.

College wasn’t that long ago, but it feels long ago. Still, Court and I have kept in touch, talking nearly every day on Google chat. She has come to visit me in NY, and we went to Paris together. She is one of my best friends, which can be hard because she’s so far away. She’s the person I tell everything to, and she knows she can do the same with me. :)

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