Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Driving in the Snow...

I for one am happy that it hasn't snowed much lately. Yes, snow would add to the ambience of the holiday season. BUT, snow is such a pain to drive in, especially when you don't have a four-wheel drive SUV.

Perhaps my bad driving experience last winter has contributed to my dread of driving in the snow too. Last winter I was leaving my apartment complex, and as I was coming down the mini hill, I saw a car had spun out and that cops were on the scene. So I freaked, and slammed on my brakes, which made my entire car spin, and I almost hit the curb--I missed it by like 2 inches. I was so shook up, becuase I'd never done that before, so I just sat in my car, until a guy in an SUV came and moved my car for me. Given this unfortunate experience, I now dread driving anywhere in the snow, especially because all the areas by my apartment are hilly! Maybe if all the roads in Colorado were flat like they are in Kansas, maybe, winter-time driving wouldn't be such a pain.

It's snowing right now, I know. But, I'm not worried because a) none of it's sticking to the roads, much less the ground, and b) I know this weekend is supposed to be nice, so even if it does snow the predicted 2-4 inches, it'll melt soon enough.

I'm considering asking S to show me how to deal with fishtailing in the snow--he knows how to drift in the snow, so I imagine that it's very similar to driving in the snow, and I do have alot of open space aka empty parking lots nearby.... it might be something to try this winter.

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