Friday, December 5, 2008

Art, art, art

I think the best part of my job lately is the fact that I get to interview people. No, it's not the stiff, "give me a good quote to use" kinda of questions, but more or less informal. Talking about why they painted something or listening to their crazy stories. In one interview today, I had an artist who loves to paint outside, or en plein air. She shared with me how just last week when she was painting in a field, she had a cow come up and lick the paint off her canvas, and recently had a horse go through her purse! You can't make this stuff up! Another artist I talked to, who lives in Hawaii, was telling me how in her new series of paintings, she didn't use any brushes--just her hands, rags, and sponges. How the heck did she get it looking this good? I suppose that's why she's an artist. I'll just stick to writing.

I've got two more artists to interview this afternoon--hopefully they are just as interesting.

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