Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas is coming...

I've been busy, hence why I haven't been updating lately. All the days have meshed together but I know alot of my time has been taken up by baking cookies. I sent out my cookies for the Cookie Swap last week, as well as Christmas cards. I baked sugar cookies this weekend with lemon icing. And I've been wrapping gifts and shopping the past couple weeks too.

This past Saturday we had friends over and decorated and built gingerbread houses, made paper chains, drank holiday punch, and put up Christmas tree lights and snowflakes cut out of paper on our windows. Our apartment is truly festive this year.

Paper Chains--We made Christmas and Kwanzaa themed ones

Our gingerbread houses!

Closeup of the one Kristen, Josh, and & I made

Closeup of M & Jake's roof--so festive!

On Monday I went to my lil brother's Christmas play and caught up with my parents. I haven't been home in awhile--just too busy or dreading driving in the snow. And then yesterday I had my court date. It went well--I talked my original three point ticket down to a 1 point ticket for a "defective headlamp." And my pictures helped save me on the court fees--I had to pay $69.50 total, most of which was mandatory court fees anyways. I feel relieved. Now all I need is a neck massage and a good night's sleep.

Hopefully everyone is celebrating the holidays in style. I have my company Christmas party tonight & more baking ahead of me this weekend. I will post recipes when I post pictures of my wonderful cookies.

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