Monday, November 10, 2008


Saturday I went to my first CU football game with my family. Apparently CU donated some tickets to my brother's school, which also came with a coupon for a free hot dog and drink. Not too shabby. After the game, my mom and I wandered 29th Street Mall. We had fun playing dress up with make up in Sephora, where she bought new lip stain and lip balm. Who knew they had lip stain nowadays? It looks kinda scary to me but it gets the job done, so my mom is happy with it. We also perused Z Gallerie, Ann Taylor Loft, and Victoria's Secret. Sometimes window shopping can be so much fun.

After the mall, my mom and I went to eat at Mimi's, and then came home. My lil brother was high on energy, so I convinced him to let me pull out his tooth. It was so loose--it was about time it came out. I of course didn't do it, my mom did. (All I did was remind him of the perks--the tooth fairy.) Growing up, she was always the one to do the honors. She'll tie a piece of floss around the tooth, pull it tight, and then watch as the tooth falls out. It's a pretty classic method. Apparently when my brother needed his last tooth out, my Dad actually tied floss to his tooth and then around a doorknob, and shut the door. According to him, that method doesn't work--the floss tore in half. I find this to be pretty hysterical because 1) that's something my Dad would try, and 2) I've always wanted to know if that worked or not. Now I have an answer :)

But kids these days have it easy. My mom used Orajel to numb around the tooth, and then once it was all said and done, my Dad promised him $5. Whenever the tooth fairy came to me, I got a dollar per tooth. Not five dollars! Man, I was born in the wrong order. I should've been the youngest--not the oldest. Oh well. Wonders never cease.

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