Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm backkkk

So NY was so so so much fun. I seriously don't know why I was so stressed and anxious! My friends there are awesome. The thing that stuck out most to me during the weekend is that they care about you, not about your job title, which is so why I miss college. I mean nowadays, you meet someone, and they are like oh, so what do you do? And it's like, there's more to me than my stupid job title. seriously. try to get to know ME.

I know I was also worried about it being bittersweet and emotional, but really, it wasn't. I mean, I definitely thought of the people in my class and how I used to go to certain establishments, but those were all good memories, so if anything, it just reminded me of the good times. Plus, I spent time with my current friends there so that just added to the experience--I mean it was different in some ways, because I didn't really know anyone when we went out, but again, I was with the people I wanted to be with, so it all evened out.

Another thing I took from this weekend was that I am young, and capable of drinking three nights in a row and still surviving. When I got back, I was excited to go out this week on Thursday, because I was like, that will make the weekend so much more longer and enjoyable. I was definitely not looking forward to going back to work on Tuesday, but, I just had this great attitude and energy at work. I think I was still on high from 'cuse. Anyways, I think work just sucks the life out of you, because yesterday all I wanted to do was go home and relax. But tonight I am sticking with my original idea of going out and going salsa dancing with M, so hopefully that will happen. I think there's many positives to going out tonight: one, it will give me something to look forward to tonight; two, it will prove to myself that I can handle going out and still surviving work the next day; and three, it'll make me feel young and not so freakin old.

This weekend entails going out to dinner with S, who I'm not sure I've mentioned, but S stands for Steve. Then on Saturday I'm taking my family to the airport at 6am (lovely, I'm soooo thrilled) because my dad is getting an award at some conference for work in Florida, so of course my mom and brother are tagging along, and of course that means my life will again be a living hell until they get back on Wednesday night because I'll have to housesit and dogsit again. I'm still not over that, just thinking about it makes me stressed out. And the fact that they never asked, they just assumed. I almost wish I was going out of town again just for the fact that they would have to find other "options." But back to my weekend. Soooo Saturday I plan on cleaning my room because I've lost my bluetooth somewhere in the mess of clothes all over my floor. Then Saturday night has the potential to hang out with S and his sister at Dave & Busters. I'm not entirely sure if I want to go; part of me thinks that they need their time together but the other part of me says that if they wanted it to just be themselves, then S wouldn't have invited me along. Plus, I've never met his sister, so it would be a pro to meet her beforehand and see if she approves, because she is really close to him and I'll see her on Sunday, which leads me to my next scheduled activity for Sunday. On Sunday I am going to church in the morning, then going to this drifting event in Greeley with S, S's sister, S's roommate (possibly), M, and S's best buddy who he calls Bunz. So that's supposed to last till 3 or 4, and then I'll be free to do whatever. So that's the weekend in a nutshell.

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