Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So I took my frustration and myself out to lunch with a coworker and vented about things, and basically what the overriding theme seemed to be was BALANCE. As in, balance of busy-ness, as in balance of alone time versus time with others, including family, friends, and coworkers, and balance at work--of freelance versus real job working. What's funny is that when I came out of college, I really thought I had the balance thing down to a T. In fact, I would help others saying, you'll just have to figure out the balance between classes and play time. But now it's like, I need to take my own advice. Of course now it's like a different level of balance that needs to be achieved. I wonder if balance will always be a factor in life. I'd imagine parents need balance between kiddie time and mommy & daddy time, or balance between work and family. So maybe this is my time to be on the receiving end of advice instead of the giving end. Maybe this is one time when I need someone older and wiser to tell me how to balance my life at my age. I hope so, because balance is an important concept and life lesson to grasp, and I want to learn it.

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