Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't get comfortable

I think this is a theme in life: Don't get comfortable. Why? Because that's exactly what happens. The minute you get comfortable, whether that be with a routine, or a job, or friends, things change. It's just inevitable. Hence, it's almost a good thing to not get comfortable, because those situations challenge you. Having those uncomfortable situations help you grow, and learn about yourself and how you deal with such challenges. This is not to say that I completely loveeee being in those types of situations, because I don't. M recently passed along this blog entry from a friend of hers. Enjoy.

Judy T., one of the heads of our Manresa program said about my phone metaphor for God that perhaps my phone had been ringing for a while. I always say that my experience of God is like that guy you need in a bar. A few drinks and a bad decision later, you give him your phone number. From then on, he proceeds to call you at the one o'clock hour, just when you are comfortable, when you are settled in your plans. And if you don't pick up the phone he psycho dials (yes, God is a psycho dialer). And when you finally pick up the phone to protest-- It was a one time thing God. I am not looking for a relationship-- he pushes you harder to change your plans. Yes, as soon as my plans are made for the next step in my life, as soon as I am comfortable, I get a booty call from God. God always wants me to do something for God.

I definitely agree with this blogger when she said, just as you get comfortable, something changes. It's totally true. I think in some sense, I like this about life. I mean, I like to be challenged. Heck, am forcing myself to be uncomfortable by going abroad to Paris. But uncomfortable situations can come when you least expect it, and when you aren't the ones behind it. It could be God, it could be a friend, or a family member. Take for example, S. He and I would get into this routine of talking or hanging out every week until he got arrested. Now he doesn't have a license (it's not because he's guilty, it's identity theft), and due to his busy school schedule, we probably won't see each other for another two weeks. And as far as the calling thing goes, he had to go away for the weekend, and we didn't really talk. Which was ok with me. Okay, I realize this wasn't the best example, but you get my drift.

Growth and progress happen when we least expect it.

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