Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rant of the Day

Sometimes I really don't like my coworkers.

Yesterday we were sitting around the table in the conference room, when the coworker who has stolen my food before sits down next to me and announces with a smirk, "I might have taken someone's raspberries."

I immediately ask her if she took some of the organic ones. "Yeah, are they yours?"

Yes. Yes. Yes. Why does this always happen to me?

She said she got confused and thought they were on her shelf of the fridge.

The sad part is that I hadn't even washed nor eaten any of them and had seriously just brought them in yesterday because I didn't want them to go bad at home.

She of course apologized and offered for me to take some of her "non-organic" ones. Which honestly were way mushier than mine--heck no do I want any of those!

And then today, my other coworker had the same exact flavor and brand of hummus...and all during lunch I kept thinking, WHY ME? DON'T STEAL MY FOOD! I didn't say anything, but after we were done eating I secretly checked the fridge. Turns out hers was on the inside door. (below)

WHEW. What a relief.

Have you had any lunch mishaps at work?

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Kez said...

At my last job everyone seemed pretty respectful. I put all my lunch stuff into one lunch box that had a lid (and my name on it).
It seemed to work well!
I just don't understand people who shamelessly do that...didn't their parents teach them better than that? So wrong!!