Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Open Doors

I realize I still need to share some pretty hilarious stories with you all, but this topic takes precedence. Because it's like important. Like I-need-your-input kind of important. So here's the opportunities complete with my pro/con list.

Job: So, as you know, we have to move again in March, because the company that we share the space with now has expanded and basically wants our space. So I have no clue where we'll be, but we're supposed to move in March. That being said, my mom has a bad feeling about this and thinks that my company's going to just shut us down. Which I don't know. I mean, sure, there's only 5 of us left now, but our company overall has actually hit their fall forecast, which is good. But at the same time, we are in a crappy space, I'm not sure if the company cares about us anymore.

That being said, a week ago, my Dad heard that his company was hiring 500 people. So he asked around, and found out they were help desk positions. So of course he told me to apply. And I did, even though the last place I did customer service for, I hated. Like h-a-t-e-d. Because the people there were losers. They were all like fat or smokers or just like rejects of society basically. So I was like, great, why apply for this job if I'm gonna hate it? But apparently it will pay more than what I'm making now. And I do have experience. And it would be the night shift but I would still have weekends off. So I grumbled and I applied for it. And last night while I was at Target, buying bacon (cuz clearly bacon is a household staple) I got a missed call from an unknown number. You all know where this is going...it was an "onsite supervisor" asking me to come in for an interview either today or tomorrow. I called him back but no one answered so I left a message. He just called me back and I am interviewing tomorrow afternoon.

At this point, I'm like, why not give it a shot. Do the interview and see what happens. But is it worth working a job you (might) hate just for the money?

Fast forward now to my other dilemma.  

Housing. So right now I live with my menopausal mom and 9-year-old brother while my Dad is away in China. I moved in to pay off my student loan and save money. Well, I still have half of my loan to pay off but I have till May. And I have an interview for a catering job tomorrow, which could help supplement my income aka go straight to paying off that damn loan.

My friend Kristen wants me and her to be roomies. She needs to be out of her apt by Feb. 1. Which isn't alot of time. So, the pros of living with her is that I forsee us getting along just fine. She loves cake and beer, both of which are necessary characteristics of the perfect roomie. Her bf is out in Texas, so I won't be sexiled. And we both are poor (she's in grad school). I still don't know if we want the same area(s) or types of living (I don't want to live in another cookie cutter apt complex.) But we are supposed to talk tomorrow about this.

The pros of moving out this month is that my storage is free this month only, which means that I can put that $200 I have been paying towards the deposit of the new place (assuming I live with her). I could have my stuff again. I could start cooking again! I would be totally totally much happier. Just the thought of being on my own again makes me squeeeee. Actually, I don't squeeee. I'm more of a YAY! type of person.

So that's definitely tempting. But my debt isn't going to go away either. So do I risk the chance that I won't be able to pay off all of my loan like I had planned to by May but gain my sanity (and stuff) again? Or do I continue to live at home, continue to be miserable in my current job, and put all my money towards the loan?

What would you do? I need your input...ready...set...GO!


Maxie said...

my suggestion is to take the job so i have someone to talk to.

yes, i know... very selfish.

Gary said...

I'm on the fence about moving, but I vote a big NO on the new job.

Whatever you choose, GOOD LUCK! :-)

Wonderful said...

Maxie- I would keep you company...

Gary- Yeah, I'll know more about the position today and what hours it will be, etc, etc. I'll keep you posted.

Ashley @ Germato.com said...

Follows whatever your heart is motivated by. If it's money, go that route. If it's happiness, then do the opposite.

Good luck either way!