Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I love being a kid

So, last night was very entertaining last night at home. I helped make dinner, put away the dishes, took out the trash, and set the table. Yes, I know, I'm so helpful around the house. We ate grilled salmon with oven roasted potatoes. It was super yummy.

After dinner, I cleaned up the table, and put the leftovers away. My little brother was definitely hyper, so I promised him that if he would leave me alone for 30 minutes, I would have "tea" with him. Of course he asked me what "tea" was, but I told him he couldn't find out unless he left me alone. (Which actually worked.)

Half an hour later, as if on cue, he met me in the kitchen and said he was ready for "tea." And it was a very fun time. When I was little, my other brother and I would take out these small tea cups and fill them with water and sit at the table slurping our "tea" while talking in a British accent. We had a lot of fun doing that.

So my little brother and I had "tea" last night, and it was a hit. He loved it. A couple of times we laughed so hard that I couldn't swallow my "tea" and neither could he. It was definitely fun. After "tea," we played a long game of Uno. While I was putting away the cards, my brother decided it would be funny to tackle me and see how many times he could jump on my back. At first I was not amused at all, but eventually I gave into him, and fought him off, laughing hard and screaming for my mom to make him stop. I felt like a kid again. And let me just tell you, I got a major ab workout fighting him off. I mean, he's only 9, but he's already almost as tall as me. Finally, he stopped and I re-did my ponytail.

In the mean time, our dog had come upstairs to see if there were any food scraps leftover from dinner. I thought I did a pretty good job of cleaning up, but apparently I didn't, because you'll never believe what happened. First, she spied a scrap of salmon leftover on the middle of the table, so while my brother and I watched, she placed both her paws on the table, leaned her face to the side, and licked what she could of it before we told her to stop. But she didn't eat all of it yet. So, my brother had the brilliant idea of pointing to the bit of salmon and telling her to eat it. And this is what she did:

 Of course she jumped onto the table and ate the remaining salmon.

 Then checked all around the table to make sure she got it all.

I was laughing so hard when she literally jumped onto the table. I mean, as you can see, she's a big girl, I mean, she's not a limber cat or anything. She's a huge lug of a dog. And she just jumped up there like it was nothing. I ran upstairs to get my camera so I could document this. I know, my life is so cool. Afterward, she wasn't sure about getting down, so I carried her to the floor, and learned first hand how freakin' heavy she really is. She's gotta be at least 50 pounds. But seriously, who does this? I tried to show my mom the pictures, but she was upset that she climbed onto the table. She didn't really think it was funny. Sheesh... parents are so serious.

What did you do last night?


Ashley said...

blacysSounds like you had a great time! I love moments that remind me of being young again.

And your dog is adorable.

Wonderful said...

Ashley- Thanks! She's a golden retriever mixed with border collie. She was a rescue dog, but I love her.

Anonymous said...

i love that you have stories! makes the story come alive, and MUCH funnier!

Andhari said...

I love family time! Yours sounds fun :) I had a kid brother, he's 11 but we still play around like that.

Wonderful said...

Imerika- Thanks!

Andhari- I'm glad we both have younger brothers, even if they can be a pain in the butt sometimes!