Friday, January 8, 2010


For some reason, this week seemed reallllly long for me. Maybe because I had Monday off. Or maybe because we had snow on Wednesday night. Or because I had spiritual direction and then an alumni event last night. Why, I'm still not sure. But I really am lacking in the quality of sleep department and would like to get that fixed ASAP.

Weekend plans include catching up with M, spending time with my family, seeing an old friend from high school, running my first 5k tomorrow, and going to a white elephant party. Which reminds me of the white elephant gift exchange I went to last weekend with some of the people I met on the young adult retreat I went on. My original present that I picked, turned out to be this:

I mean who wouldn't want this book? Clearly I want a good husband--STAT. But sadly, another girl at the party stole it from me so she could get know, with a good husband. So, I was faced with opening the last present on the table or stealing someone's. I chose the latter and came away with bamboo chopsticks, a set of Korean tea cups, and this little gem:

I'm not certain what I'm bringing to tomorrow's white elephant party, but I bet I will come away with something interesting. It seems like all the things I think are ugly or useless ends up being like the best thing ever. Like for the party last weekend, I gave away a stuffed snowman, a pair of strawberry/hello kitty earrings, and a coin purse sock. But the girl who got it, LOVED it. So I guess it really is true what they say: someone's junk is another man's treasure.

Have a good weekend kids!


Andhari said...

What is a white elephant party? Sounds hilarious. I haven't been to any :)

Ps. Good luck for the 5k! :)

Anonymous said...

I got a coin purse sock this season too...did we get them from the same person?? I can't remember...

Wonderful said...

Andhari- Dude, white elephant parties are the best. They are when you give away the gifts you got for Christmas or throughout the year that you don't like.

M- Yes, we did. At the baby shower.